• Extra Añejo

    (Ultra Aged)

    Extraordinary tequila of brilliant and seductive amber color, complex flavor and sweet aromas. Its maturation defines its unique style that is not forgotten. Enjoy the most beautiful tequila in the world.

    Visual Aspect

    Color amber and golden hues and full body.

    Aromatic Aspect

    The first impression is intense cooked agave is perceived delicate nuances like chocolate, coffee, vanilla, caramel and honey bee aromas. Fruty notes like apple and quince jelly and orange crystallized Vapor herbal as the english mint, citrus tones like as grapefruit, floral aromas as roses and spices like as cinnamon, ginger and black pepper.

    Taste Aspect

    It confirms their fine style, leaving vapors like cooked agave, apple and quince jelly and cinnamon and ginger spices. The mouth feel is powerful.

    To fully enjoy its personality, you should, first chill to 18ºC then oxygenate in the glass for 20 minutes.

    750 ml      /      40% Alc. By Vol.      /      NOM 1466